Carole Landis

Classic Hollywood actresses of the 1940s are a main source of inspiration to me. The beautiful Carole Landis (1919-1948) was a highly talented actress and singer who appeared in more than 50 films until her tragic death at only 29 years of age. Unfortunately, apart from a few outstanding leading roles such as One Million B.C., Turnabout, A Scandal In Paris or the magnificent Dance Hall, she never really got the recognition she deserved, more often than not being relegated to B movies and support roles (where she regularly outplayed the leading ladies!)  Carole also was a popular pin-up model but is especially remembered for her tireless efforts during the World War II years, when she toured extensively all over the world to visit and entertain American troops. She was known for her kindness and natural good-hearted ways towards all those who had the pleasure to meet her. This is my little tribute to Carole – new pictures will be added from time to time. You can also see some more of Carole in the Pin-Up Gallery and Carole’s Dance Hall dress modelled by our own Candy in Candy’s Corner.
If you would like to learn more about Carole, look here.

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