Concert Posters and Flyers

In 2012 I played lead guitar in the Munich band Rock’n’Roll Fever for a few months and one day spontaneously put together some concert posters using pin-ups copied from the Web. Since the others were worried about copyright issues, I thought, “Why not draw something myself?” and that’s basically how it all started…
However, after just five gigs, personal and musical differences became apparent so I left. Shortly thereafter, I became the steel guitarist in a newly formed group that focused on 1940s-50s country music, very promising in the beginning, which eventually became known as Ela and the Lonesome Boys. I did but two posters for them, one seen below, the other (for a private Christmas party) can be seen in the Gallery.
In April 2014, however, some things went seriously wrong so I was forced to terminate my collaboration with them and eventually dropped out of the music scene altogether. Goodbye to fortune and fame – the positive thing is that I’ll have more time for artwork…


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